Restructuring & Insolvency



SUPERB ASSOCIATES’s Restructuring & Insolvency team offers advice to a wide range of stakeholders on interconnected issues. This includes highly complex domestic and cross–border structured finance and high–yield transactions, pre–IBC restructuring and formulation of legislative policy and devising regulations.

Our thought leadership in devising regulatory change, coupled with an established Restructuring & Insolvency and structured finance practice, gives us a unique perspective in delivering incisive advice in an evolving area of law, which few, if any, Indian firms possess.

The Practice

Non-performing loans and distressed assets continue to surge in a market fraught with growing uncertainty. Our restructuring and insolvency team has extensively worked on most restructuring platforms such as SICA, DRT, CDR, SARFAESI, SDR, S4A and more recently, on a vast majority of matters involving the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. We’ve closely engaged with clients on either side of loans and assets, in the domestic and international markets.


Successful debt restructuring warrants a sound understanding of issues along the lifecycle of loans and, critically, the borrower business. We leverage our nuanced commercial understanding of the objectives of diverse stakeholders such as banks, lenders, creditors, borrowers, investors, etc. to drive optimal and objective solutions in such distressed situations.

The Superb Associates Advantage

The success of our restructuring and insolvency practice is built around an inclusive approach of expert lawyers across diverse practices. Our practioners have regulatory, corporate, commercial, banking, finance, dispute, M&A and sector domain experience that helps push viable and comprehensive restructuring solutions.

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