Data Privacy & Protection



SUPERB ASSOCIATES is highly regarded by clients and our peer network, for our specialised and diverse experience in the privacy and data protection space.


Our lawyers are adept at identifying legal and regulatory risks related to non–compliance with data protection frameworks and providing strategic opinions on the adoption of the ‘privacy by design’ principle while creating new technologies and systems.

The Practice

Our Data Privacy & Protection practice focuses on the evolving technological, business and legal issues relating to privacy and security of data. With India making rapid strides towards digitisation and creation of a robust legal framework dealing with data privacy and protection, there is an unprecedented need for businesses in India to upgrade their privacy and cyber security standards to avoid potential liabilities and meet mandatory compliance standards.

The Execution

We advise clients across the entire legal spectrum of privacy and cyber security concerns, ranging from advice on legal requirements to defence against investigations and proceedings regarding privacy violation or security failures.

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